Are you going in for the Social Media Summit?

You may have known from my profile that I am very much interested in Social media. I have subscribed to regular updates from the leading exponents on this field. Social Media Examiner is one of my favorites. I make it a point to spend at least a few hours on it so as to sharpen my social media skills. Recently, it had started off with these networking clubs, which are so helpful in building connections with experts in this field. I am also learning so many new things in social media which are indeed fascinating and exciting.

Yes, I am all thrilled when I try out a new idea in my own social media networks!

Social Media Summit 2012

Recently, when I was on one of my daily routines of hanging out at this site, I came across a post that said something about a summit for the Social Media Guys! I jumped on that post!

It was a Social Media Success Summit in the form of an online conference that focused on providing help to marketers and social media folks to become masters in their field. The very sound of it was exciting to me! Many top organizations have already signed up for this gala event and when I saw the list of experts who were going to share their expertise, I was like ” This is it! I am definitely not missing this for anything!”

They have also announced  a tweet and a writing contest  by which one can win tickets to this summit. Maybe you can try your hand at that!

If at all anybody who wants to hone their social media skills is interested, I think this summit is the perfect place!



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