Beware of what you post on your Social Networks!

Image It is all over the news. New Zealand Cricketer Chris Cairns has finally won the legal battle against Former Indian Premier League (IPL) Chief Lalit Modi in the defamatory tweet case. It all started with  just a ‘Tweet’ by Modi. He had actually tweeted that the New Zealand fast bowler was involved in match fixing during the 2008 IPL tournament. This was followed by similar reports on the Cricket sites with the same allegations against the New Zealander. What a blow to the cricket career of Cairns! His image was tarnished by a single tweet.

Just imagine the monster power of social media! A single tweet can damage your reputations or make you a famous celebrity in a fraction of a second. That is what has happened in the case of Chris Cairns. Without having any solid proof or evidence,Lalit Modi had used the social media platform to publicize the ‘alleged match fixing’. We all know how  fast news spreads in Twitter. So the whole world was talking about this within a few hours! Cairns was dropped out of the next edition of the IPL because of these allegations against him. He was not able to play for his country also. He had to fight a legal battle for more than 2 yrs to get his name cleared. Just imagine the agony and anxiety that he must have undergone! He must have been cursing the social media!

And now the jury that handled this case has ordered Modi  to pay Cairns 400, 000 pounds for damages. But the news is that Modi is planning to appeal against this decision. However, the New Zealander is finally relieved that he has at last been delivered justice. He feels happy that he can now walk with this head high! Phew! What a great relief!

This news sends out warnings to people who are active on social media, most importantly to the celebrities with a huge followers base and corporate organizations with a big reputation.


  • You need to be careful on what you tweet, share or like on your social networks. Even though it happens within your social network, remember that the networks are spread out all across the world.
  • Think before you post something, think of the consequences and after effects – Do not post blindly.

2 thoughts on “Beware of what you post on your Social Networks!

  1. Ugh, I read about this just today. And I think that todays governments are ill-equipped to deal with social media and punishments for random spurts of thoughts. I’m sad that this man’s character was tarnished by a comment about him “fixing matches,” and perhaps the damages paid is acceptable, but what’s next?

    There is a man who is being punished by posting an apology on his FB page every day to his (soon to be) ex wife because he made a comment about that was clearly pointed but not obviously directed at his ex wife.

    And in US sports, not too long ago a pro-football cheerleader was ordered to keep quiet after she posted a tasteful comment on twitter about how she got knocked over by one of the players. She was not criticizing or defaming, just commenting that she was fine and not hurt.

    And what point should social media be governed… well, rather, where is the line drawn?

    Great post, btw.

    • Thanks for stopping by!! You are absolutely right. Nobody knows where to draw the line, when it comes to social media. Although Cairns will be receiving compensation for the damage, nothing can make up for the ordeal that he had to undergo through these years.

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