Nine disturbing behaviors on social media,0,3619311.story

Very Interesting article that seemed to stress on the same points of my recent post @



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Are we getting alienated by Social Media?

Disclaimer : This post is not intended to hit against any social network but mainly to share my views of how we are getting obsessed with it! Man is a social animal and his/her survival in the society depends largely on the connections between the different levels of the society ( both the living and … Continue reading

My blog stats read ‘100’ – Yipee!

I began writing this blog from March 2012 and my first post was out on March 7,2012. I am nearing my second month anniversary as a WordPress blogger and I have now 103 blog hits! Wow! I am totally excited, for I never even expected this sort of a response! It is a wonderful feeling, … Continue reading

Social Media usage gone wrong

Social Media has been a great tool for staying connected with our family, friends, colleagues etc from any corner of the world. Not only that, it helps us to share anything and everything with just a click. Go back a few years and you would not have even heard of this term – Social Media, … Continue reading

Beware of what you post on your Social Networks!

It is all over the news. New Zealand Cricketer Chris Cairns has finally won the legal battle against Former Indian Premier League (IPL) Chief Lalit Modi in the defamatory tweet case. It all started with  just a ‘Tweet’ by Modi. He had actually tweeted that the New Zealand fast bowler was involved in match fixing … Continue reading